Nuances of Travelling in Dancing

In the world of dance, you should embrace the fact that you won’t be dancing in one place forever. As a matter of fact, even the idea of dance means moving around. That’s why it should be understood that once you take up…


Dance Festival in Joondaloop

I love to dance. As if one look at the home page wasn’t enough indication of that.   I recently attended the Kaleidoscope Festival, and I had a great time. I was mostly there as a spectator, but I got a few moves…


Salsa in Scarborough

Salsa is one of my favourite dances.   There is a certain mindset you have to have when you’re really into salsa. It’s about freedom and movement and not giving care, about letting your passions run wild. Out there, when I’m getting into…


How to Start Loving Oneself

Saying “to love yourself” is always hard. Well, it’s easy to say but meaning what you are saying is on a totally different level. Just look at it this way, with the many things around us that makes us insecure with our lives,…


Free Dance Fun example

Here is a free dance fun video. A simple little boogie in the car park to get the day off to a great start. Enjoy 🙂 edit


Free Dance Fun

Check out this incredible dancing movement that is across the globe, with origins of the project starting from a local promotionl model company in Perth Western Australia. It is a movement about being free and having fun , anywhere, anytime, simply because we…


Free dance fun woohoo

So there is a project that has been sarted here in Perth called Free Dance Fun. Free dance fun is a community project started not for one reason but for many, and exists not just for some people, but for everyone. For everyone…


We are excited and we hope you are too

Isn’t Dancing just awesome. To move your body to music or even without music. To get flow and rhythm and movement in the way dance gets you. I love to dance, I love to share dance, I love to create dance and inspire…


From Down Under

Here is a video of a young male from Perth WA having a little wiggle. He is a photographer by trade (click on the link), a motorcycle rider by passion and aof course a dancer at heart. Here he is at his local…



Check out this epic dance wallpapaer. Really just shows the power and velocity of dance. It has such great presence and raw but elegant energy, edit