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Nuances of Travelling in Dancing

In the world of dance, you should embrace the fact that you won’t be dancing in one place forever. As a matter of fact, even the idea of dance means moving around.

That’s why it should be understood that once you take up dance as a hobby or as a profession, you are expected to be fine with moving around. Oh, and I am not talking about going to the next block. We are talking about next district, next city, next state, next country kind of moving.

When I started getting serious with dance, right before I started AFID. I was not exactly the kind of person who would be fine with moving around. I was a bit insecure with where I stood in life at that time and the people around me weren’t much help either. A lot of them questioned why I even considered dancing to be something to be taken seriously.

When I was first invited to an event where I was given the chance to dance in front of a new audience, I was really afraid. I wasn’t afraid that I would fail or that I would be laughed at. I was afraid of moving.

And that was the first time I thought to myself that I wasn’t really embracing the dance psychology after all. See, dancing is about freedom. Oftentimes, dances can be timed and precise but there are also times when it’s just about freedom. Go where your feet and the rhythm takes you as they say. I knew that going to that event was the right thing to do for my soul and career but I hesitated in getting a move on just because I was afraid.

Now, looking back, I can just laugh and smile at what I have felt back then. True freedom is about letting yourself get carried away into the wind riding a bicycle or a limousine. The best ride I’ve had was with a kombi that was hired for a special venue a couple of years ago. You can view more of the various available rides from them on their website.

So if your dancing takes you to a place far, think about it. Is that where your true freedom will take you? Is that the place where your dancing soul can be happy? Then go for it!

How to Start Loving Oneself

Saying “to love yourself” is always hard. Well, it’s easy to say but meaning what you are saying is on a totally different level. Just look at it this way, with the many things around us that makes us insecure with our lives, it is really hard to love yourself.

But that is not to say that it is impossible. As a matter of fact, it is very possible. Hard, but possible.

That’s how people get over some very insurmountable problems in their lives. They start loving themselves. Because, truth be told, a lot of the problems in this world starts with one person not loving themselves as much as they have to.

Free Dance Fun

Check out this incredible dancing movement that is across the globe, with origins of the project starting from a local promotionl model company in Perth Western Australia.
It is a movement about being free and having fun , anywhere, anytime, simply because we have the ability to do so and because it is good fun.

On the Facebook page you will have the opportunity to see several videos from people dancing in all sorts of locations around the world. Perhaps if you like the movement enough you will jump on board yourself… Might be just the cure you are looking for, who knows.


Free dance fun woohoo

So there is a project that has been sarted here in Perth called Free Dance Fun.

Free dance fun is a community project started not for one reason but for many, and exists not just for some people, but for everyone. For everyone to have the courage to be unleashed in their self-expression, to have freedom from their limiting beliefs and the oppressive opinions of others and to let loose.

Free dance fun gives everyone an opportunity.

An opportunity to contribute towards something that will create a positive impact in the world. Something that allows people to break through their limiting beliefs and the opinions of others, and experience a sense of aliveness.

All you need to do is post a video of yourself dancing, hashtag it with #freedancefun and tag your friends to jump on board. It doesn’t matter where you dance, how you dance, what time of the day you do it or who you are with. All that matters is that you get out there and give it a go.

Jump on board on be a part of this awesome community project. It will be so worth it for yourself and for others. Plus you get to dance and have fun


We are excited and we hope you are too

Isn’t Dancing just awesome. To move your body to music or even without music. To get flow and rhythm and movement in the way dance gets you. I love to dance, I love to share dance, I love to create dance and inspire dance. AFID therapeutics is all about dancing and the beautiful creative art that it is.

An exciting and joyful means of self-expression that needs to be shared much more. The video just posted before just shows you that it does not one place to dance, you really can dance can be carried out anywhere you are. Like the video dancing in a motorcycle park, dancing in the street, dancing in your room, dancing at a wedding or wherever it may be. Photos and videos a great way to capture its essence to be shared with the world.


Check out this epic dance wallpapaer. Really just shows the power and velocity of dance. It has such great presence and raw but elegant energy,

AFID Therapeutics

AFID stands for: Always Freedom In Dance. Dancing is such a great natural therapeutic. One that has you feeling awesome, one that allows you to be with your body and with others. Moving to the flow of music, smiling, moving, breathing and just being.

Stay with us here on this blog as we share stories of dance, photos and videos of dance, all of what it can and has done for peopple and just why it is so special.

We look forward to sharing with you.