I love to dance. As if one look at the home page wasn’t enough indication of that.


I recently attended the Kaleidoscope Festival, and I had a great time. I was mostly there as a spectator, but I got a few moves in whenever I could. I love the atmosphere and the energy of the place. It’s great being in Joondalup when the lights go on, and the rhythm and the beat get into the air.


Come to think of it; I have no idea why I didn’t write about it sooner. I suppose it’s not important right now.


Anyway, the festival was a lot of fun. I heard some great music and met some new people. I watched some great dancers, too.


There was this one group, but I didn’t catch their names. Their moves were amazing, flowing smoothly from one thing to another. You know how sometimes when you dance, it looks like you’re making it up as you go along and it’s great? They had that vibe.


It had many influences, including break dancing and a little disco. They made me a little nostalgic if I’m honest. The music was a great match to it, too.


One of the highlights of the festival for me was meeting Danielle and her crew. They drove in on a kombi Perth, and it was just the cutest thing!


We talked over food. The food trucks were amazing, and there was so much variety – I hope it’s like that again next year.


Anyway, Danielle and her crew were there for much the same reason I was. They were checking out the festival and just there to cut loose, relax. Also, one of the DJs – she didn’t say which – was a friend of hers, so she was there to show moral support.


We danced a little, talked a little. We think we’ll meet up again, maybe as more active participants in another dance festival.


Overall, I had a great time – so great I’m apparently still processing it!