Salsa is one of my favourite dances.


There is a certain mindset you have to have when you’re really into salsa. It’s about freedom and movement and not giving care, about letting your passions run wild. Out there, when I’m getting into the beat and the rhythm, it’s like it’s just me, my partner, and the music.


Personally, I think salsa is an excellent way to stop caring about all your problems for a little while.


I dropped by the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre once to do some dancing. It was this event that was focused on Latin and Brazilian music and dances, and I knew I had to get my salsa on there.


How often does that sort of thing happen, right?


I was hoping it would be awesome, and I was so excited I got there early. Early enough to catch the hour-long introductory class they were having. The dance instructor Romeo – that could not have been his real name, I’m sure – knew his stuff and was patient with the beginners.


I didn’t dabble, though. I just observed for a little bit, and then walked around until the event kicked off.


Once everything started, I joined in the fun. The whole thing was this huge celebration of Latin and Brazilian dances, and I picked up on a few new moves. Salsa, samba, and lots of others. The DJs knew their music, though I heard a couple that I thought were a little out of place.


Becca was there, to my surprise. I had no idea she even knows how to dance! That girl spends so much time editing and vetting screenplays; I would have guessed she never left her desk. Who knew that girl could samba?


Dylan went with me. He was never much of a dancer, but he enjoyed Latin music. I caught him nodding along to the beat once or twice, but I just couldn’t get him out on the dance floor.


Overall, it was a great event. We danced into the night. I think I speak for most of us when I say we didn’t want it to end quite so soon.


One non-dance treat I enjoyed as coconut water. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before.


Are you looking for more dance stories? Run along home, then!